Cambridge Exam Preparation Classes

Our Cambridge Preparation Classes are advanced exam prep courses incorporating all four language skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing. Students take regular mock tests on each skill, learning strategies and techniques to get the best score possible.


IELTS / TOEFL classes are very intensive test preparation courses. Students work on their academic vocabulary, reading, listening, speaking and writing skills. Feel confident and well-prepared on the day of your exam. Learn test-taking techniques and polish the language skills you need to achieve your target score on all four portions of the test, including the speaking section, which for many, is the greatest challenge of the IELTS / TOEFL Exam.
To be successful, we recommend strong grammar and conversation skillset. Advanced writing skills are a must.

Facilitated by our expert tutors, these exam prep classes are perfect for honing your skills before the real thing.

What are General English Classes?

General English Classes are where you can test your knowledge in fluency, accuracy, and the four language skills. Get instant error correction, practice vocabulary and grammar, and even give presentations. Offered in a theme-based learning environment, classes are focused on varied topics such as politics, culture, and society.

What are Business English Classes?

Being an ambitious professional often means having the opportunity to work with people from all over the world. As the official language of over 70 countries and the unofficial language of the international business community, mastering your Business English is key to success.

Our Business English Classes will help you develop, polish, and fine-tune your language skills, allowing you to feel confident in every conversation.

Feeling pressed for time? Online courses and flexible scheduling means everything fits perfectly into your busy calendar. Customize your classes to your current level and learning style and gain the skills you need to any situation.


Why do they speak so fast? Study the most common language reductions used in native North American English to help recognize patterns and fine-tune your skill set. This class uses dictation, focused in-class listening activities, and comprehension exercises to enhance your listening skills.


Master the sounds that have always given you trouble and discover hidden differences that may be impacting your communication. Learn how native English speakers speak. Topics include sounds, linkings, stress intonations, contractions, reductions, assimilations, rhythm, silent 'h' and past tense endings for regular verbs.

5 ways an online English course can benefit your life and career

Boost your salary

Open doors to new networks

Gain global opportunities in your career

Increase knowledge & understanding of various cultures

Study with flexible schedules that fit your calendar

Other reasons are: professional opportunities, social networking and relationships – becoming a global citizen, entertainment and culture understanding, education, access to knowledge

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