About Orca Education

  • Do you offer online English classes?

    That is what we do best! Whether you want to improve your reading and writing skills or learn to speak English more fluently and enrich your vocabulary, we offer a series of flexible and personalized online one-on-one lessons and courses that suit your lifestyle.

  • Who should take an online class?

    The simple answer is everyone. Students join our online courses for various reasons and come from diverse backgrounds, professions, and age groups. With online courses, you can advance your existing language skills or start from the beginning. Take the next step towards a personal or professional goal, enjoy learning a new language, and discover an entirely new world. Whatever your reason, our online courses are a flexible way of improving or learning a new language without disrupting your daily life.

  • Does learning online actually work?

    Absolutely! Online lessons can be just as effective as in-person lessons. The only limitation is that your teacher is not in the same room as you. Not to mention, online classes offer you the flexibility and freedom to schedule everything when it suits you best – also giving you the opportunity to learn from anywhere in the world.

  • What teaching methods do you use?

    We use the communicative language teaching method to instruct you on all aspects of the English language using real-life situations. We are also proud to say that we are constantly working on improving and modernizing our curriculum and methods to the highest standards.

  • What equipment do I need for my online English lesson?

    You will need a computer, tablet or smartphone and a reliable internet connection – the faster, the better. If the Wi-Fi signal is weak, try using a cable to connect directly to the router – it will improve speed and help stabilize your internet connection. In our opinion, using a good quality webcam can also help improve your learning experience.

  • Can I prepare for my IELTS Exam?

    Yes, you can. Please book a free consultation with one of our educational consultants to further discuss lessons and the type of training required to help you achieve your goal.

Private Tutoring

  • How do online lessons work?

    The same way that traditional lessons work! The only difference is that the student and the tutor are in a virtual room.

  • Do I need a microphone and a webcam?

    A microphone is a must. You will need to be able to communicate with your tutor verbally, so being able to hear each other is a necessity. We also highly recommend having a webcam to gain the most out of your lessons, but you can still participate without one.

  • How does the recording function work?

    We use Zoom for all of our video chat needs. One of the key benefits of remote learning is the ability to record your lessons and save them to your device. At the beginning of each class, every student will have to give their consent to the recording. If everyone agrees, the tutor will begin recording the lesson. Once your class is over, you will be responsible for saving the recording on your computer.

  • What are the advantages of online video tutoring?

    The main advantages are a reduction in time and travel costs. There is also the benefit of having recordings of your lessons. Along with the video which you can view as often as you like, never missing a thing.

  • How long does a video lesson last?

    Each session lasts 60-minutes.

  • What functions are available?

    Our video calls include interactive elements such as file sharing, digital whiteboard, recording, and screen sharing.

  • Can I share documents / files with my tutor?



  • How much does a private lesson cost?

    It depends on the type of lesson and package. For more info, please contact us HERE.

  • What is your cancellation policy for a private lesson?

    Lessons can be cancelled or rescheduled a minimum of 24 hours in advance. If your request is received any later, the cost of the scheduled session will be charged in full.

  • Do lessons have to be paid in advance?



  • How can I book a tutor?

    Coming Soon: Book a tutor directly through our platform! We will be releasing this feature very soon, so keep your eyes open and be sure to check back for updates.

  • How do I get into the online classroom after booking?

    You will receive a booking link via email. Please click the link at the agreed-upon time. Once clicked, it will redirect you to the online lesson.

  • Where can I find my booking?

    Currently, the best place to keep track of your bookings is through your email. We recommend adding the lesson links to your personal calendar to keep things simple.

    Coming Soon: View, change, and keep track of your class schedule directly through our platform! We will be releasing this feature very soon, so keep your eyes open and be sure to check back for updates.

  • How can I book and reschedule a lesson?

    The best way to manage your lessons is by contacting your tutor or sending us an email. If you need to reschedule, remember that we need at least 24 hours of notice.

  • How long do I have to use my lessons after purchase?

    Our lessons are available in monthly packages meaning you will have until the end of the month to use all of the sessions included in your package unless otherwise specified.

Become A Tutor

  • How can I become a tutor?

  • How can I earn money at Orca Education?

    Our tutors can earn an income by offering English lessons online to either one or multiple students.

  • How does the application process work?

    Once we receive your CV, you will get an invite to a live video interview where you will have a chance to test out your professional teaching skills. If all goes well, you will sign some paperwork and then we will organize your first lesson!

  • What are the benefits of online teaching?

    You can work wherever and whenever you want!

  • How am I employed as a tutor?

    You will work as a freelancer and earn an hourly rate.

    Orca Education is happy to be able to provide a platform for your skill set. Please note that you are responsible for reporting your earnings to your local tax authorities.

For Tutors

  • How can a student book a lesson with me?

    Students can choose you from the list of tutors and book in any available time slot. Remember to keep your availability up-to-date so that students are able to book with you.

  • The student cancelled a lesson. Do I get paid?

    To be completed.

  • What should I do if a student requests my confidential contact details?

    Kindly tell us about it. We are always in close contact with the parents, students and tutors to guarantee a seamless tutoring process. Your privacy is our priority. We always do our best to ensure a safe and comfortable work environment.


  • Are my payments processed securely?

    Payments are processed securely via secure worldwide payment providers.

  • Is my personal information secure?

    Your personal data is secure with us. No one can access your personal  information, and we will never intentionally sell your data.


  • How can I contact Orca Education?

    The best way to contact us is via email or WhatsApp.

  • How can I become part of the Orca Education team?

    The best way to get in contact with us is by sending us an email.

    We look forward to receiving your message!